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About Samira

In January 2023 Samira became a LEAP facilitator. She had her spiritual awakening during COVID-19.  Samira knew after her first LEAP session that she wants to become a LEAP facilitator. Now, she gave multiple group and private sessions and helped people to heal and transform theirself with her love and guidance. She is very sensitive since she has born and developed her spiritual gifts trough trainings, travels and reading books. Her speciality is that she use her sensitivity instead of her mind.   

Her practice is suitable for everyone from people with burn-outs to people are who are happy with their life. During your whole life you will collect blockages and trauma's in your body. It's nessecary for everyone to clear your body from the inside to feel connected with yourself and to do things what makes you happy. 

It's possible to book Samira for a private session or an retreat where she will help you with your personal problems. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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